Friday, October 07, 2005

How I'm studying/ I am an asshole

Mail Box Rule (to the tune of ‘Pieces of Me’)

On a Monday I am mailing
an offer that is waiting
to give you power to accept
But on Tuesday I’m revoking
Cushing v. Thompson says my choking
Has gotta get there first you bet

Oh, the mail’s not so fast
Tienhoven didn’t get a telegram
Cause Byrne’s an ass

Restatement 40 says I gotta
Send that revocation faster
Unless a contract I am after
But you put acceptance in the mail
Before it even gets too me
And under section 63
We’ve got a contract
A contract
That’s legally binding

Palo Alto, pretty messy
An exception, and it's senseless
Protection an offeree doesn’t need

Because it’s an option acceptance
is effective with deposit,
that’s the rule generally

Ohh, Caldwell’s offer to Cline
Isn’t valid until mail opening

The case of cotton trader Willis versus Postal Telegraph
Says trade custom is a laugh
If you accept I’ll have to abide by that mailed offer
Revocation isn’t lawful
Cause that contract
Is legally binding

How will I know?
If your acceptance gets lost
It will still bind me
And I will have to pay the cost
Household Fire versus Grant, get lost

Was that really what you wanted to say?

(3L chick stands, looking at her clothes in dismay because a pastry crumbled all over it)


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Teach a Dog New Tricks?

Labor Prof: "Even a stupid dog learns after being repeatedly slapped."

If the glove don't fit...

Crim & Psych Prof: I called the prosecutor and asked if he had firm evidence that he had committed the crime and the prosecutor said there was a bloody thumbprint on a matchbook at the residence when he claimed he was in Australia. Now, before the OJ Simpson trial, this was evidence.

Where would John Kerry be?

Crim & Psych Prof: The hottest place in hell is reserved for fence-sitters, so make a decision.

Now now, play nice

Crim & Psych prof: A bitch slut whore. That’s a good start now!

Yeah, Corleons!

BA Prof: There's always the Godfather theory of unanimity. You put the gun to the guy's head and say it's either going to be your signature or your brains on the page.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dead Montanans

BA Prof: "Montana's speed limit used to be whatever is reasonable and prudent. This meant 70-75 for out-of-staters and higher for Montana residents. Because out-of-state people can't drive 90 on curvy mountain roads. All the Montanans that are still alive obviously can.

Ohio Take-down

BA Prof: "Delaware judges are experienced with Corporate law, so they can use the standard. What do we want to give to Ohio judges? A rule, and a SIMPLE rule."

on the sac fly rule

BA Prof: And McGraw was the hall of fame baseball player. Played third base. Back then, players wore belts and there was only one umpire. So while the ump was watching to see if the infielder would catch the fly ball, McGraw would cheat a little and grab onto the runner's belt. Well, the runner got him by unbuckling his belt. History does not relate if his pants fell down.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Exorcising demons?

(Two 2L dudes are peering over a porn website and snickering when the professor stands behind them. Only one of the two 2L dudes notices her presence.)

Embarrassed 2L: Dude. Dude. (Cough) Dude.
Engrossed 2L: What dude, check this out. Holly likes new experiences...
FPS professor: You know, Mr. [student], we all know people surf the web during our classes and we just have to deal with it. But could you please keep it a bit more classroom appropriate? There are just some demons that should not be exorcised in class, do you understand what I'm saying?
Engrossed 2L: Uh, I wasn't looking looking...

I went to Yale anyway...

Prof: What result? You (points at guy in Harvard hat) - did you go to Harvard?
Hat guy: Yes.
Prof: Alright, well don't let Harvard down.
Hat guy: Um, can I answer the next question?

Drug Deals

Labor Prof: Say I just started giving you heroine for free...(pause for rethinking of statement)...Say I started giving you really fattening, but REALLY good brownies for free.


BA Prof: Wher do studios make their money nowadays?
CA 2L(under breath): Rehab.

The truth, with pictures!

Borrowed from PostSecret