Friday, December 22, 2006

the best things in life are free

3L to very drunk woman at a bar: Are you all right?
Woman: Yes, yes. Are we bothering you? Do you want money?
3L: No, no. Just making sure everything's okay.
Woman: I can give you money! I have my corporate credit card.

this guy walks into a bar...

The scene: a group of 2L and 3Ls are drinking together at the new swanky bowling alley downtown and watching corporate holiday parties.

Very drunk male manager to very drunk female co-worker: Mewwy Cwistmas! *smooch*
VDFC-W: *smooch* You're drunk.

3L onlooker: My inner labor law attorney is screaming right now. Stop, stop! Sexual harassment!
2L: Eh, it looks consensual.
3L: But it doesn't matter! There are other employees there! That's a hostile work environment!
2L: 3L, we're taking away your drink.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Especially when the game's on

Tax Prof: The IRC (internal revenue code) is just like your boyfriend or girlfriend. Sometimes it just doesn't deliver.
overheard by a law bitch

Worst test ever

One foreign first year student to another after the 1L Property exam: “It was so bad. I wish I was back in China.”

overheard by kw

cause: alcohol

on causation:

Torts Prof: You know when you were a teenager having a fight with your parents and you would go "I never asked for me to be born" - what a stupid comment, of COURSE you didn't. The correct answer to that is "Neither did we, you were a drunken mistake."

overheard by susie law school

Probably more useful that way

while taking a practice exam, 1L#1 consults with 1L#2 on AIM:

1L#1: Are you working on #17?
1L#2: No I used my test to pick up a roach 30 minutes ago.

overheard by SA

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the slippery slope

2L: I just want to get laid. I even thought about [shady fellow law student at the party the other night].
3L: But you have standards.
2L: No, I don't have standards. I just didn't feel well.

Mmm, buttery tasting

3L male, drunk: I need sex but popcorn will suffice.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

With an attitude like that, they already won

3L#1: What final do you have left?
3L#2: Counterterrorism.
3L#1: Ew. That sounds awful.
3L#2: What, are you a terrorist?

A cross between Scrooge and Learned Hand

while sitting and studying in an empty classroom and hearing a noise...

3L#1: This place is haunted.
3L#2: Yeah, by the ghost of our hopes and dreams.