Monday, May 07, 2007

Shady is legalese

Bus. Orgs. Prof: Well Miss 2L, I am going to need a better legal argument than "it seems really shady," but that's a good start.
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Get on the Pole

While talking about a law student who was featured in a Playboy video, the PR professor noted that her law school and state are now wondering whether she should be allowed to be admitted to the bar because of her behavior.

2L #1: Well, when my sister and I were arrested, our story was featured in Playboy. Does that mean that I shouldn't be allowed to take the bar?
2L #1: I mean, we weren't pictured or anything…
2L #2, jumping in: Well, some people might be more likely to hire her because she was in Playboy. I know I would.

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Sometimes you have to be drunk to get in the box anyway

1L: The law could say, "if you promise to stay in your box, it's okay to be drunk."

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Hopefully those aren't the only grades left

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1L #1 to 1L#2, who skipped class): I have no idea what's going on in contracts right now. The only things written on the board are "1/10" and "9/10". Fuck.

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Don't tell this to the guy on the subway

Torts Prof: Fondling is not automatically a battery, fondling is a perfectly permissible activity, Have you considered that some people even like it?

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Are you sure that last night is out of the statute of limitations?

Sitting in class last Thursday as the snow falls outside our window (following a week of temps in the upper 70's)

Prof: If I wanted to see white powder this time of year, I'd buy some fucking cocaine! Not that I've ever bought drugs. But if I did, the statute of limitations has long passed. Ok, let's talk about bribery!

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What about law school tuition?

Torts professor: S&M aside... You don't go out and purchase pain and suffering.

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You still buy into that attendance and participation myth?

Prof: Are you still in this class? I haven’t seen you in months.

1L: I still come to class.

Prof: Apparently not when there is a brief due.

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But did he include painkillers?

RE: Clerking for Thomas during the Open Cannabis case

Prof: I tried to get him to listen to NWA but all he wanted to listen to was Rush Limbaugh. And he wouldn't include the word 'blunt' in his opinion either.

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Two would involve a buffalo, live or stuffed, preferably stuffed for safety sake.

Prof: Sir, what is the "ultimate sex act"?

Student: Well, that's a personal call, and I really don't care what these people say.

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On the size of your mouth

1L girl: "Are you judging me for oral arguments?"

1L guy "I'm always judging you."

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After 4 drinks, it's the place to be

Con law prof: Is this case more like Buckley and Bowsher or are we in Myers, Humprhies Executor and Wiener land… Wienerland, that sounds kind of funny.
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Except law might smell less rank

1L #1: Admitting to loving the law is like admitting to necrophelia.

1L #2: Mort main notwithstanding, I suppose.

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Next time go with Glad instead of generic

CrimProf: "Babies are hard. I almost had one die on me. It was pure luck it survived."

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