Saturday, July 08, 2006

This Post Is Not About Condoms

Two 2L's wandering through the Egypt section of the British Museum in London

2L#1, looking at a giant sculpture of a head: This is Ramses II.

2L#2: He kind of looks like Ramses VII to me.

2L#1, looking at a second giant sculpture: This one is Ramses VI. You know, you're right...they do look similar. In fact all the Ramses look the same...see, that's why you can't take me anywhere...I need to stop being racist.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Now that is friendship!

Players: Plaintiff's counsel; Defendant's counsel; Plaintiff's witness; Court Reporter

Plaintiff's counsel: I'm done.
D counsel: I'm just going to ask you a few questions.
Witness: Okay.
D Counsel: Did you discuss this deposition with anyone prior to today?
Witness: Yes, your client offered me $500.00 not to show up.

Overheard by Insolvent Esq

It must be one of those goth bars

Barbri prof: "None of you are going to commit necrophila on the bar... It's just unnatural."

Overheard by MG

One Hand in My Pocket

Crim Pro Prof: If you knew that a fellow law student had a bag of coke in their pocket would you have a legal obligation to report it?
Class: ...
Crim Pro Prof: No! Don't do that. We'd lose half of our law students.