Friday, April 20, 2007

maybe you can still get carded?

Wills and Trusts Prof: I have a former student who's been practicing estate planning for...well, I don't want to say how long, because I don't really want to admit how long I've been teaching. Okay, we'll say she's been in practice a very long time. And I've been teaching since I was 10.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How to write a brief

2L: I wrote more than was required
Professor: That's the kiss of death
2L: Well I wanted to address everything so you had a good feel of what I was arguing
Professor: I just hope that it doesn't burn my eyes

stop right there!

3L #1 (responding to quite possibly the most ridiculous comment made all semester long): Just stop. You're not even allowed to make that argument.

2L (under breath): It's not like telling her to stop has ever worked before.

3L #2: It's like watching Romeo and Juliet. Every time you see the end, you're hoping it'll be different. But it never is.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Fourth Amendment According to Nino

3L #1: But if he was walking in the curtilage of his house, then he has a reasonable expectation of privacy!

3L #2: This is the ghetto, there is no curtilage, thus no reasonable expectation of privacy. Didn't you get the memo from Scalia?

hard out here for a pimp

2L guy (trying to recruit other students to a professional singles event): Are you single?
3L girl #1: What are you, a pimp or something?
2L guy: Are you looking for a pimp? Are you a prostitute?
3L girl #2: You don't want to send her out to be your prostitute. You'd wind up with nothing but a string of dead johns.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Biggest Zit EVER!

2L: I don't think pregnancy changes your life forever. You're pregnant for nine months, but that's it.
3L: It's not like a long term zit!

A different kind of traffic jam...

Gender and Law class - discussing how condoms could be banned under the Commerce Clause.
female 3L #1: How does that work with the Commerce Clause, i mean, it's not like sperm travel the interstate.
female 3L #2: we are but vessels...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

That's what she said

3L #1: Michiganite? Michiganian? What do you call someone from Michigan?

3L #2: Fucking baller.