Saturday, December 24, 2005

Fun with the BA Prof

BA Prof: They’ve asked me to moderate, which makes perfect sense since I’m so moderate --The very model of the modern moderate moderator.

BA Prof: …regardless, or as they say in New Jersey, irregardless…

BA Prof: I may not be a nice guy, but I am ethical. Or at least I’m not unethical.

Submitted by TI

Overlooked Evidence

Evidence prof: Examples of assertions are a common signal, such as nodding; a physical response to a question, such as pointing to someone; or conduct as code, such as "one if by land, two if by sea," or "if I give you a thumbs up, I don't need a ride home."
Evidence prof: now, a common signal response to the question, "Is Harvey drunk?" might be a nod; a physical response to the question might be pointing to the tequila bottle and then to the floor...

Submitted by Jaime

Gems from State & Local Prof

S&L Prof, on urban sprawl: If I were an urban terrorist, I think I’d start with malls.

S&L Prof: You can’t swim nude in your swimming pool, which is a real bummer. (Pause) I don’t have a swimming pool, but it sounds to me like a bummer.

Submitted by TI

Pre-finals confidence

Beefy 2L pre-BA final in the men's room: I'm gonna fuck that test until it loves me.
Skinny 2L recipient of said comment: (silence)

Submitted by TI

Irrefutable evidence

Employment Law Prof: So how would you tell if someone was smoking marijuana on the job, what would you look for?
3L: Doritos.

Submitted by Michele S.

Friday, December 23, 2005


Hey Overheard readers,
Since all of us are nowhere near our respective law schools right now to overhear anything of importance (and by importance I of course mean quotable tidbits), the question to the readers is this:

Should we continue to blog funny things overheard at say, family dinners? Or should we take a hiatus until the end of break? It's your call. E-mail or comment here directly and let us know.

Thanks and happy holidays from your nosy friends at Overheard.