Thursday, February 09, 2006


1L #1: Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day for your girl?
1L #2: I don't know...maybe give her a call.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Whisper words of wisdom

Law of the Music Industry Prof:

"You don't have to be a whore. I mean, if you want to be a whore, by all means, be a whore."

(With regard to copying a book): Give it to my secretary, she sends it to repro - Big deal, we cut down a few more trees, that’s all we do all day anyway."

"Porn drives everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if it drove Gutenberg."

Grab bag from Melissa

Wills Professor: You actually need very little competency to be married, you can be a real bliterhing idiot and mutter "I do."

Prof of Ancient Athenian Law: If you haven't seen groundhog day, go see it. It has nothing to do with Athenian law.

Prof of Ancient Athenian Law: what do you want to talk about? Theft? Kidnapping?

Student: rape

Professor: sure, always a cheery topic!

Trademarks Professor:
It's like ping and pong, Iliad and the Odyssey, §8 and §15.

Overheard by Melissa

Not Overheard, but definitely overread.

There's a tax appeals court case called "Appeal of Cock" from 1925. The cite is 1925 WL 496.

Overheard by TI


Torts Prof: Thank God for the stupid people who keep us in business.

Overheard by Anonymous #40593222

I hope this doesn't happen to me

Professor (discussing labor law): We're lawyers! this is what we do! This is better than an orgasm! I'm so old I don't remember what those things are!

Overheard by M

Experts on Everything

There has been a discussion about the point of prosecuting a woman who happens to have seeds and stems, but not leaves of marijuana plants.
Drugs in the Law Prof: Do you prosecute the woman for having seeds?
Student: I guess it depends - do you smoke seeds? Can you smoke seeds?
Prof: Of course you can! It causes a horrible burning sensation in your throat, but you can smoke it. As for the stems - you can brew them and make a great tea, only it gives you a really bad upset stomach.

Overheard by CKC

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Prawperty Law Extravaganza

2L: Property is like a soap opera... you can tune out for three weeks and still know what's going on. Well, that, and I think the lead character (the professor) has amnesia...

-- Overheard by The BLS

1L: If we're talking about the over-all value to society, it'd be best to kill all homeless people!
Property Prof: Well, it might cause some disutility to the homeless person, right?

-- Overheard by Anonymous

Property Prof: Well, what is the principle that Marshall has extracted from Johnson?
Student: That when white people agree on something, it's the rule.

-- Overheard by SLS1L



Prof: Was the agency's justification for the rule sufficient?

2L: (hesitantly) I'm assuming by your tone that the answer is "no."

Prof: My tone is snotty all the time, you can't read anything into it.


2L to Prof: Can you let us out two minutes early so we can beat the 1Ls to the free food?

Monday, February 06, 2006

I guess its good for something...

Despite what your professors' said about you last semester I think you're great!

What's Legalese for Jaded?

2L: I'm developing a new theory here in my crim law class... "If the cops ever lack probable cause, make sure to plant some evidence, just to be it's handy to keep some kiddie porn or WMD handy."