Monday, October 29, 2007

Admit it, you know this guy

Professor: "Now I remember back when I was in law school, and even in undergrad - even though that was a long time ago, that if someone asked me how much time I spent on something – I'd lie! I'd tell them I didn’t spend any time on it, or just 15 minutes, but in reality I spent three hours. Why? Because that’s the competition! I want them to only spend 15 minutes. So don’t trust other people I guess is what I’m trying to tell you. Think about it! If I spend 3 hours working on something and they spend 15 minutes, guess who lives in the bigger house!"

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On the count of three, everybody vomit

Prof walks in, shows the bloodstains on his shirt from his neck: "Hold on while I get a towel but don't worry, I'm not canceling class."

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yes please!

Criminal Law prof: "You can still consent to have a good wrestle with your buddy on the floor … assuming guys still do that."

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Character and fitness is overrated

The Dean: "Don't let bar nights bar you from the bar."

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thank you, I'm here all week

Torts professor: "Sex for money is prostitution… so the only harm is if you got stiffed."

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I could be sleeping....

Maybe not so bad after all

Civ Pro Prof: "You know, extortion has such a negative connotation."

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But we paid $50K for it!

Prof: How many of you think this year [3L] is totally unnecessary?

*Everyone raises their hand*

Prof: IT IS!!

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R. Kelly gives two thumbs up

Associate Dean: "Yes, urination is always a treat."

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Torts Professor on first day of class: "Welcome to Torts R Us, an introduction suing everyone for just about everything. Learning to sue the bastards should be fun!"

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Rules are for wusses.

Torts prof: "Rules are a starting point... and often an annoying impediment."

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From a firm sponsored mini-golf outing:
Summer Associate #1(shouting from hole 4 to hole 5): Summer Associate #2, are you guys winning?
Summer Associate #2 (shouting back): I don't know, we're cheating.

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Only $10 on iTunes

Crim Professor: Vagina, Vagina, Vagina, Vagina, Vagina, Vagina! Are you over it yet?
Crim Professor: Oh shit, this class is recorded for iLecture.

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