Saturday, February 03, 2007

don't try this in civ pro, kids

The scene: dinner, where people are relating goofy stories about their childhood.

Woman: When I was in elementary school, I brought my father's bong to school for show and tell. It was glass, and pretty, and had butterflies swirling all around it. I thought it was beautiful, so I brought it in and said I didn't know what it was. I was very confused when they sent me to the office and called my parents to come fetch it and me.

3L: Wait, the school administration let your father take his bong back?

Man: Sure, they're perfectly legal for smoking tobacco. You're a law student and you don't know this?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Announcing the iStrudel

2L #1: i think apple should buy volkswagen. they have the same clientele.
2L#2: good call.
2L#1: but what should their name be? how about strudel? it combines germany and apples!

Vote Early, Vote Often, and Become a Judge

Prof: "Just so you know, being a good judge has nothing to do with being a good lawyer...especially in Cook County"

Exploding Toasters, Pharmaceuticals and Bears - Oh My!

3L #1: Is Products Liability a good class?
3L #2: Oh yeah. It's gory like Torts. People are always getting mauled by bears and stuff.
3L #1: Um?
3L #2: Wait. Probably not, since bears aren't products. ...but mechanical bears are.

Overheard by Friend of Dorothy

Forward Thinking

3L: "I wonder if the suicide rate goes up during the Bar Exam period?"

Fringe Benefits

Prof: The Letter of Credit issue is one reason the miniseries was made, but the other issue was that Ross Perot hired a group of mercenaries to break into the Iranian prison and get his employees out. Not an area where you'd think private market solutions would work, but hey.

Financial Obscenity

Prof: Does non-recourse debt have something essential in common with hardcore pornography?

2L: Uhh... You only know it when you see it?

what if you are singing to the toilet?

Criminal Procedure class discussing whether there is an expectation of privacy in a bathroom stall.

2L #1: well, you expect people can see your feet - and that some sounds might be heard...
Prof: What if there are two sets of legs in there? What should the officer do?
2L #2: Knock and annouce?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How to gather fingerprints, take 1

Evidence prof: Sometimes when you drown, the skin sloughs off and then you get a floater!

Monday, January 29, 2007

freedom fries, anyone?

3L #1 (coming back from the snack bar): Anyone want some pita chips and hummus?
3L #2: No thanks.
3L #3: No, I do not want any of your Islamofacist food.

is kevorkian out yet?

law student #1: Oh, that's sad, they euthanized Barbaro this morning.
law student #2: isnt it strange that when they euthanize animals it's sad, but when they do it to people everyone gets pissed off?

Is a fetus unfair prejudice?

2L: well, you might have things on the table from other cases...
Evidence Prof: Yeah, you don't want them to show a picture with items from other cases, like hand grenades and dead babies....