Sunday, October 21, 2007

Drug Test This

Business Crimes Prof: "Don’t take notes on this… But if I was in Michael Vick's situation, I’d be getting stoned regularly too."

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1L #1, before the property final: "My four-year-old stepdaughter helped me study. We had a nice talk about abandoned, lost and mislaid property, and about interests in the land of others. A few hours later she asked whether shipwrecks could have appurtenant easements."

1L #2: "And how did you answer?"

1L #1: "I told her I didn't know, after several minutes of over-thinking the problem. I think, at that moment, I would have rather explained how babies were made or why her mommy and her daddy can't live together."

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E.T. has rights too

1L: I don't care if she thought they were aliens, she's still intending to harm an alien.

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Ye of little faith

2L #1, during a Professional Responsibility study session: "I give myself five years before I'm

2L #2: "Really? You think it will take that long?"

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I can be bought!

Contracts Prof: Your employer wants to change your employment from only firing for cause to employment at will. Would you agree to that?

1L: I would never do that.

Contracts Prof: But what if they promised to double your salary?

1L: I would totally do that.

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Kids on Drugs

Crim Law Prof: Marijuana is a gateway drug!? Listen, breast milk is the real gateway drug, okay?

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Well, there was a handshake...

Contracts Prof: "Contracts aren't masturbation; two people are required for a valid contract."

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Candy is Dandy...

Eccentric Torts professor to frightened 1L class, while on a tangent about rape:

Eccentric Torts professor: "Because it's so utterly dull to go through the game of romance, am I right guys? All men know that candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."

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and liquor is quicker!

Prof: You can never unilaterally f#ck your spouse....oh wait, somehow I have three children running around so maybe it is possible.

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Useless takes on a whole new meaning.

Career Planning Counselor: Well sometimes it helps me to imagine the worst case scenario. So what's the worst case scenario?

3L Looking for Job Advice: Not getting a job when I graduate in two months so I'm unable to meet my living expenses or pay back student loans, and have to live in a cardboard box in Central Park.

Career Planning Counselor: Yes, but at least you'll have your health.

3L: --Dumbfounded Silence--

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Best Little Whorehouse in the Country!

Con Law Prof: Would it surprise you to find out that the government was running a whorehouse?

1L: You mean other than Congress?

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That's a costly return

Professor, talking about why a real estate contract can be canceled by an attorney: "You've heard of buyer's remorse... some of you are married."

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The truth behind Craig v. Boren

Prof: And why would the state want to allow 18 year old women to buy beer, but not allow men to buy beer until they were 21?

2L: So girls would actually buy beer for once?

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bathroom definitions

In the bathroom...

3L #1 in a stall: I've been peeing a lot lately. I guess it's all the fluids.
3L #2 in next stall: It must be the tea, tea is a diuretic
3L#1: No, "diuretic" means it makes you poop, but I've only been peeing.
3L#2: No, "diaretic" means it makes you pee, that's why you're peeing, from drinking the tea.

overheard by: bitch you're peeing because it's a liquid

She was thanking him for last night

In the midst of Student #1 answering questions about a Property case, student #1's cell phone rings in class:

Student #1: Sorry, it was my mom.
Student #2: Oh, was it for me?

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Hi everybody. As you've probably noticed, Overheard was on virtual hiatus for quite some time. I've graduated and my third year didn't give me enough awesome class time to eavesdrop.

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cruel and unusual?

Law School Grad waiting for bar results: My dog needs to get three shots around the same time bar results come out. So if it goes badly, i guess i can ask the vet to put me down...