Saturday, August 19, 2006

You don't need both hands to read Braille.

3L: Sometimes a vibrator is very necessary.
2L: But how will you study for the bar once you go blind?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why Law Schools Don't Have Parent's Weekend

2L#1: Will you back me up!?! Jesus!
2L#2: Jesus doesn't back up girls like you.
2L#1: That's not true. He backed up Mary Magdalene.
2L#3: And she was a whore.
2L#2: True. That's an example that Jesus backs up girls exactly like you.
2L#1's Mom: Calm down, you're getting out of line.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Tell me what you really think

Attorney 1: What do you think of the boss's new haircut?
Attorney 2: I feel like he should be stealing my car not running the office

which part of this is worse?

(via IM)

3L: oh no i think i have to crap at work.
2L: hahahaha, i'm sorry
2L: that's funny
3L: it is funny to most people but i can't do the crapping in public
3L: maybe the bathroom is empty
2L: haha, i know
2L: i only crap in empty bedrooms
2L: i mean bathrooms
2L: wow

Sunday, August 13, 2006

That ice cream tastes unusual

not-L: Hey, is that an abortion clinic? (Pointing to a sign that says "Tremont Family Medical Center")
3L: No, that is the abortion clinic! (Pointing to a sign that says "Tremont Scoops")

suspect classes

Recently engaged 3L: I called this girl I went to high school with, to tell her I was getting married. (And she became a born again Christian in college.) She starts telling me about this class she took at her church with her husband, and realizing that men and women are different and how you don't really figure that out until someone tells you.

3 other 3Ls in unison: Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina!

The Fact That It's Funny Makes It Less Offensive

In the elevator with 3L, on the way up to her apartment

2L#1: 3L is going to make us some pasta.
2L#2: And her food is gorgeous, I do know that.
2L#1: But how does it taste? Because I've known plenty of girls who looked gorgeous...