Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another disincentive to crime...

Meanwhile in Election law

Talking about reasons why some states take the right to vote away from felons...

Election law prof: "Yeah. Because we all know that when Bob is thinking about robbing that Bank losing his vote is one of the factors."

Eternal Damnation ... as a damage?

Overheard in a class on Remedies

Remedies prof: "Ok. So assume that the Doctor says 'No one is gonna die in my hospital. I'm gonna give the blood transfusion' [to a J. Witness who doesn't want it]. Sure he committed a battery. What what are the damages? He saved his life. [Pause] I suppose the damage could be eternal damnation... but how would you plead that? And how much do you ask for?"

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Law and Order Coloring Book.
Keep an eye out for the maze that leads from the arraignment to the trial and the connect the dot of Briscoe....

(Overheard on a thread about knitted law and order placemats.)

Be Kind, Finals Time

Law Student #1: Elegant, Eloquent, Elephant...
Law Student #2: Wait, what's an elephant?
Law Student #1: You know, like Snuffy without the hair.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The truth comes out

[After Graduating Students Dinner]

3L #1: So you are coming to the party, right?

3L #2: No, man, I have to get home and study.

3L #1: After 29 years of life, and 3 years of law school, you are still the lamest person I know.

That makes two of us...

Professor: So say on the exam, I tell you that [long, convoluted hypothetical about derivatives]. What's your biggest concern?

3L: Graduating.

You don't even know me...

3L: So why would I trade a stock when the derivative has lower transaction costs?

Professor: Well, who are you?

3L: Wow...that's real Socratic method...

[Awkward silence.]

Monday, May 15, 2006

Studying hard or hardly studying?

2L #1: How did your final go?

2L #2: "It's not that I didn't study hard enough, it's just that the professor didn't write a good test"

finals are to AP tests as law school is to...

After 1L finishes describing finals to his little brother, who just took the AP tests...

"Wow, that sounds exactly like my week, except larger and more absurd."

-- Overheard by MM

Procrastination and Federal Courts

2L: (one hour before the final exam) I thought that I'd glance at the hornbook before the exam. (pause) Wow, it's actually pretty good.

A Few Words From the Politically Incorrect

(Overheard during a debate about writing a legislative bill for sterilization in class)

2L #1: I don't think (professor) will like your bill. He's a DEFENSE attorney! He's going to side with the defendants!

2L #2: I'm all for the cripples, too, but....

(And a few minutes later...)

2L #3: That was a horrible case! Those poor people got totally screwed!

2L #2: But they were aliens!