Friday, January 20, 2006

Somebody call Buffy

Corporations Prof:This class is about money—it isn’t good against evil, it is evil againstevil. This is the vampires coming in and getting fought off by werewolves.

-- Submitted by Molly

Thursday, January 19, 2006

This is what no chalkboard does to a man

Prof: We all know this isn't a great room. This shows where I'm at on the hierarchy at this school. Room 11 last semester must have been a mistake. One of these days we might make it to 237, one of the real rooms.

Scrambling for an answer/something intelligent to say

Evidence Prof to Confused 2L: "You know, I used to know this case -- until I called on you."

Overheard in PR

PR Prof G: "Now those of you who took psychology know people like that are now diagnosed with personality disorders. These are the people of whom we say, 'oh, this guy is a jerk' or 'that guy is the business end of a sphincter.'"

Submitted by Kat

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

When smuggling goes awry

Evidence Prof: What's the most striking thing about this case? That the defendants lost an entire boatload of hash! And failed to raise it twice! For that alone, they should be convicted. They're incompetent. Other professors like you to know the holding and facts of the case and stuff. Me, I like the human interest angle.


Evidence Prof: People that go to bowling alleys should be robbed.

Old grudges still hold

Crim Pro prof: Does anybody know what the third Amendment is about?
3L: Quartering soldiers?
Crip Pro prof: Do you know why they'd do that?
3L: I think it has something to do with the British.

ah, your hand is up again

Evidence prof (calling on student for the fourth time on the first day of class): "What's your name? I figure I should just learn it now."
2L: "[Name.]" I should also introduce you to Mr. [2L] over there. He's going to be asking a lot of questions, too.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

That's about right

Jurisprudence Seminar Professor giving his insight about “Lord of the Flies” and the character named Piggy: "People who cry a lot piss me off."

--Submitted by B


A particular class celebrity: I find flying in commercial airlines relaxing...

feel the force

Evidence prof, entertaining questions about the final: It's rather frightening to walk into one of my exams and feel the intellectual power...