Thursday, January 18, 2007


Wills and Trusts Prof: One of the more famous cases involves brother and sister fighting over a family Bible. Years of litigation.

3L: How very Christian of them.

And who says we're not considerate?

2L female #1: I hate wearing this tank top because I feel like the girls might be popping out at any time.
3L female #1: Yeah, that's how I feel in mine, too... It's like 'Hey boobs, go back where you belong!'

2L female #2 looks up from her reading, distracted.

2L female #2: Boobs?
3L female #2: Guys, quit it with the boob talk, lesbian at the table trying to read. Have some consideration!

Nope, saw her on Jerry Springer

Tort Professor: Who in here has children?
Female 1L Raises hand
Professor: Okay. Imagine that your daughter reaches 15 and becomes incredibly sexually charged and curious and begins experimenting.
Female 1L: Oh, you knew her?

Overheard by SB

Your zodiac sign leads you astray

3L on Winter Break: "...actually, I'm in my third year of law schoolat [name of school]."

3L's old friend from high school: "Really? That's interesting; I've often considered law school for myself... because I'm a Sagitarius."

Overheard by TI

Police indiscretion

Law student (who is also a Police Officer): When I am dealing with parolees I tell them "rectify the situation or I will violate you."

Overheard by Inert Child

Anybody have a tampon? Anybody?

Re: A class entitled "Sex, Gender, and the Law," with a severely disproportionate number of females enrolled.

3L#1: I'm afraid this class is going to be too touchy-feely.
3L#2: I love touchy-feely! I'm going to hug everybody before each class and give them a chocolate covered Midol!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

is SCOTUS really like law school?

The skeletons in Rehnquist's closet: prescription drug addiction.

So much for equality.

Crim Pro Prof: But if we're all treated unfairly equally...well, it sucks.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

sign me up for the Teamsters!

Employment Law Prof: Historically, trade unions have been segregated by ethnic groups, some of which is sort of funny if you have a weird sense of humor. Concrete and stone masons are Italian, carpenters are Jewish.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Law School Teaches Life Skills

Professor: In this class, I'm going to teach you a skill that will positively benefit you for the rest of your professional lives…
3L: Falling asleep with your eyes open?