Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Legal Writing: Destroyer of Dreams

As the first paper assignments are being handed back with professor’s comments written on them:

3L #1: I got a ‘Good’
3L #2: I got a ‘Drop out of law school’

No... This is Totally Practical

Via IM:

3L Number 1: this class reminds me of trigonometry the teachers of both will insist that it's "useful" in real life.

3L Number 2: sin(Longterm Permanent Resident)/cos(Entry Without Inspection) = rape me

a little crack never hurt anyone....

Crim Pro class talking about search warrants.

2L: well, if there was crack cocaine they couldn't just go looking for that...
Prof: Well, let's put the crack cocaine aside - you can keep your crack cocaine for now....crackhead.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

one way or another

Discussing loss of consortium claims in the context of wrongful termination.

3L: Wait, how can you get loss of consortium for the spouse when the employee's not injured, just out of a job?
2L: Maybe emotional distress leads to ED...which leads to loss of consortium?
3L: ED causing ED. I like it.
2L: Better than ED causing VD.