Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hos (in different are codes, area codes)

Student 1: Do you think there are people who really believe those justifications about cheating, like, if it's in another state it doesn't count, or if it's in another country it doesn't count?
Student 2: Yep. It's the same reason people believe in God. Just to make themselves feel better.

Friday, April 28, 2006

More Finals Delirium

1L#1: The assignment was gratuitous.

1L#2: That's my favorite kind of movie sex...(blank stares)...gratuitous.

1L#3: Forced and awkward.

1L#1: That's my favorite kind of real life sex.

Finals Delirium

1L#1: If it's a total integration, you have to figure out if it's collateral.

1L#2: However, if it's a total eclipse of the heart...

1L#3: Then you have to get Bright Eyes to turn around.

Yeah, That Helps

1L: How are we supposed to figure out if we should apply the doctrine or not on a multiple choice test? I mean, are we gonna say, “Well, it’s either A or B and I hope to god it’s B?” Or are we gonna be able to figure out what you’re expecting?

Prop Prof.: You should be able to figure out what I’m expecting. Let me put it this way: I would be able to figure out what I’m expecting by what’s on the exam.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tight Lawyers

Trial Ad Instructor: Lawyers are just so tight all the time. In fact, they don't let loose people into law school!

3L (totally deadpan): My mom will be happy to hear that.

--As seen on Will Work For Favorable Dicta

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Truth hurts

Young-looking 2L girl on cell phone: She said what? That's really uncool of her to say, I mean, that hurts.
Passerby: High school?
2L girl: Law school.

ethical emissions

2L: I have to pee, but I think I’m gonna hold it so I can go in the middle of PR.

-- Overheard by RB

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the merits of Tarantino

Evidence prof: A classic 403 issue involves pictures of the deceased as part of a murder trial. Are they too inflammatory? No! We can sensitize the jury! We can take them to the movies and show them Kill Bill 2!

Oh homonyms

2L: What's the point of Cox?

More Fun With Undergrads

1L#1: You can actually take up to 6 hours outside the law school. Just tell [Dean of Students] there's a hole in your undergrad you want to fill.

1L#2: A more accurate statement would be that there are about 15,000 undergrad holes I'd like to fill.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Size matters...

Having a discussion about the professor's exam from the previous semester:

Professor: Did you think last year’s exam was too long?

2L: You know, I’m a slow test taker and all…but I thought that this exam was overly long

3L: You are in law school, just deal with it

If we only knew before we registered...

In the middle of a classroom discussion about the final:

2L #1: You know what’s wrong with this class?
2L #2: Everything.
2L #1: Took the words right out of my mouth

why we wait in line at the airport

Infamous 1L in Property: Yeah I mean it makes sense right? When the airport security makes your take off your shirt to prove your breasts aren't bombs right?

Property Professor: Oh Mr. 1L, I will certainly miss your questions.

From an unlikely source

1L: I have a jacket that is white leather and orange sherbet suede.

wrap it up

Con Law Professor: There was a case recently filed where a father is challenging a court order to provide child support, because he did not want the child's mother to have the baby. Any thoughts on this?

1L: When I get lucky, I should probably wear a condom

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Last Minute Questions?

Prof: “Now that we’ve gone through all of that, it will not be on the exam. Obviously, I wasn’t going to tell you that before we got started. . . . Questions – Well of course you’re not going to have questions.”

-- Overheard by Prof. Schwarzenegger


Con Law Prof: "In order to get through all of the material today, I’m just going to lecture. I won’t ask any questions. Well, I don’t intend to ask any questions. If I ask any questions, don’t answer them."

-- Overheard by A Law Bitch

At least it's not K-Fed!

3L #1: Oh good I have 8 minutes to listen to more
3L #2: What you you listening to?
3L #1: Oh the oral arguments from Kelo v. New London I downloaded onto my ipod.

-- Overheard by MP

Law School Vocabulary Lesson

1L: What is "onerous"?
Contracts Prof.: "Onerous" means unduly burdensome. You gotta use it. It is a "law word". It comes in a little gift pack with "egregious".

-- Overheard by Blondelaw

A lake?

1L on last day of Civil Procedure: "What's Erie?"

-- Overheard by KW

I suppose calling the police was out, too

Crim Law Prof: [In discussing a North Carolina case in which a battered woman who was forced into prostitution by her husband, kills him in his sleep.] “Was this her only option? Couldn’t she just move to Durham and become a dancer?”

-- Overheard by RJG

We don't make sense to anyone but our own

1L #1: I don't have time to read, outline, do hypos, eat and sleep
1L #2: I didn't read it either. lol. But you're my back up.
1L #1: Hey, don't make me FRCP 12(b(6) you!
1L #1: PS, I own Blackacre!
1L #2: Wait, I have title to Blackacre too! What the! There's something fishy going on ...
1L #1: Why don't you pull a terry and cop a feel
1L #1: I adversely possessed your boyfriend last night
1L #2: Damn. don't think I can top that
1L #1: score one for me

-- Overheard by EN, via AIM

hopefully law school is nicer to you than this

From Post Secret: Law School Gave Me the Discipline to Perfect My Eating Disorder.