Sunday, April 23, 2006

We don't make sense to anyone but our own

1L #1: I don't have time to read, outline, do hypos, eat and sleep
1L #2: I didn't read it either. lol. But you're my back up.
1L #1: Hey, don't make me FRCP 12(b(6) you!
1L #1: PS, I own Blackacre!
1L #2: Wait, I have title to Blackacre too! What the! There's something fishy going on ...
1L #1: Why don't you pull a terry and cop a feel
1L #1: I adversely possessed your boyfriend last night
1L #2: Damn. don't think I can top that
1L #1: score one for me

-- Overheard by EN, via AIM

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