Friday, February 23, 2007

Teach them well and let them lead the way

Outside the law school, a woman is talking to a three-year-old girl: Well, you need to talk to a lawyer when you want to get married.
Overheard by DK

Can I get your undergrad friend's number?

Prof: Well, all my friends have said that if you want to be in law school and then accepted by the bar... don't EVER have more than an ounce of marijuana on you. I mean, having a quarter bag and giving it out to your friends is something you do in undergrad...

Overheard by RRS

Thursday, February 22, 2007

must. keep. head. down.

Prof (after failing to get two students to answer a question): Mr. 2L, what do you think?
2L: I made too much eye contact, didn't I?

but I like big words!

Legislation Prof: This is how you tell that the author of the textbook is a professor at Yale. He starts to use words like "meta" and "exogenous". You know that when you hear the word meta, the plane has stopped in New Haven.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One night makes a hard man humble

Prof: Can he (1L #1) sell himself to me?
1L #2: Well, yeah, in the right marketplace.
Prof: Where's that marketplace?
1L #2: Maybe Bangkok?

Overheard by ANH

Congratulations on making law review

2L: We should meet in front of the journal offices.
1L: Where are the journal offices?
3L: Just follow the sound of souls dying.

Overheard by DK

God no.

Professor: Are any of you second semester 3Ls still reading footnotes?

Overheard by JW

This is where Black's comes in handy

1L: "So we were doing this case where the prosecutrix got in to trouble and the prof asked what we thought of it. Well, I said I did agree with the punishment. He looked shocked and asked why, so I said that she's a prostitute dominatrix, so what did she expect. He then gave us a lesson on the meaning of prosecutrix."

Overheard by SE

The fine nuances of tort law

Torts prof: "Death is oftentimes a lot cheaper than life. So I guess if you run someone over and you think they're going to be a quadriplegic, back up and run them over a few more times."

Overheard by Nova

step away from the knickknacks

Prof: Martha Stewart gets a little bit scary. I think that once you have more than one can of gold spray paint in the cabinet, it's time to reconsider. If your fingers start to itch when you see pinecones, it's time to have an intervention.

Honey, I'm Going to Sears to pick up an IUD...

Evidence Prof: No man can answer this question, what word would you use to describe the placement of an IUD device in a womans body? Insert?
Female 2L: Implanted
Evidence Prof: Implanted, okay. I had one student who was talking about when the IUD was "installed" and another one said that the IUD was "deployed". Do you think it was a man or a woman who wrote these? Installed, i gotta go down to Sears and get this IUD installed...

Monday, February 19, 2007


Blogger made me switch to a new, google compatible interface. So if you are a poster and cannot see yourself on the poster list please e-mail me. Thank you. Also, I am taking volunteers for new posters to replace all the 3L's who graduate.


It's also scary when they fall asleep at the wheel

Re: Bush v. Gore

Con Law Prof: "Old people, when they vote, it's a scary thing."

Overheard by Without Reason

Never a truer word spoken

1L: there is no remedy for douchebaggery.
Overheard by Ineffective Assistance

People say 'yes' on the first date?

Commercial law prof: "OK, so here are the answers to the problem set, No. No. Yes. Yes. Yes., sounds like a first date."
Overheard by MDS

He spoke in tongues!

Torts Prof: "You took Contracts. Tell me, what is the purpose of Contract Law?"

1L: Well, I had [Prof. X] for Contracts, so I don't really know..."

Overheard by hick narcissus

Oh, to be a 2L

2L: "i hate how [the professor] keeps assuming i did the reading."
Overheard by JW

My love for you is ticking clock

Lead gunner's comment in Torts while discussing cyber harassment & assault: "Well, it's not assault if you love her."

Overheard by Jess

Yes, blame the trailer.

Discussing a case regarding a 6-year-old child who was sexually perped on twice in a trailer park by adult men while a friend of the child's mother watched.

Evidence Prof: "You know, if this case teaches me one thing it is to not raise my kids in a trailer park. That seems like that may be a bad place to raise children."

Overheard by a LawBitch

We make new countries here at law school

Property Professor: "The wife appears to speak and read English. So why does she write her
letter in Hungarian?"

1L: "Oh, because she and her husband were from Hungaria!"

Overheard by anonymous

How to cure gender discrimination

Male 3L: I demand that the government provide me a uterus. Immediately.