Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dude, legal rules should not apply to your love life

One-L The First: "It's her turn to call me. I called last time."
One-L The Second: "Dude, there's no mirror image rule for dating."

Submitted by Chazmo

Friday, December 02, 2005

Heard in the grocery, but...

Middle Aged Lady 1: So when are you going to tell the kids their father is dead?
Middle Aged Lady 2: Yeah, it is going to be hard to hide with Christmas coming up.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sounds like finals time to me

Outside a class:

Still Drunk 2L Chick: I feel fabulous!
2L Chick 2: I haven't used the word fabulous to describe how I feel since I've gotten to law school
2L Chick 3: (To 2L Chick 2) You used the word fabulous after you got fucked last night

Outside a class

2L Chick 1: What should I get him Christmas?
2L Chick 2: Get him Tiffany's Cologne
2L Chick 1: His Colgone is Camel Light.

As 2L's are sitting outside waiting to get into a classroom for the next class:
1L Chick: Could you take a picture of our entire section?
2L Chick 1: Sure
2L Chick 2: (After they leave) I couldn't find 5 people, let alone a 100 people that I would want to take a picture with
2L Guy: Like me?
2L Chick 2: No, I would want a picture with you, with you right in between my breasts.

-- Submitted by
The Namby Pamby

What's he on and where can I get some?

Sales Professor: And that's how the seamless web of Article 2 flows...flows...just flows...are you feeling the flow?
2L, back row: I'm feelin' it.

-- Submitted by Kat

It made sense in my head!

3L: (Confusing question preceeding) Do you know what I'm asking?
Evidence Prof: No, not yet.

They already do...

2L: Those people deserve to think I am a sex offender.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Enviro Prof. - If you're ever out hikking and a wild turkey comes up and menaces you, you poke them with a stick to prove your dominance.

...And he continues to talk about being firm...

Crim Law Prof: You don't want to go in there half-cocked; soft on this kind of crime and hard on that kind of crime.

-- Submitted by Steven T.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Not me.

(During a mock jury selection in class)
Lawyer-student: And how do you feel about consumer safety?
Juror-student: I'm for it.

Hell No We Can't Go

Labor Prof: There are many injustices for the incontinent.


::Torts Professor:: I've taken many a young girl back to the baking room...

::class:: what?!

::Prof:: awww they take out all the good cases in the book. There used to be a westren union case where the guy said... come back behind the counter and I'll clean your clock...

Monday, November 28, 2005

Low, low prices!

1L girl: Why do I have to whelp a child? Why can't I just buy one?
1L guy: You know WalMart will be selling them soon.
1L girl: What, little Asian babies?
1L guy: Oh you know, whatever... Mexican ones... on the clearance rack. Did I really just say that?