Saturday, February 18, 2006

2L #1: Yeah I just felt like a lot of the interviewers from New York were bastards. It actually gave me second thoughts about only interviewing in New York during OCI.

2L #2: Yeah, that's just how they are out there. When you live on the I-95 corridor you've got to be ready to stick and move to get yours.

Friday, February 17, 2006

This is who we become...

2L #1 (referring to criminals in a bad neighborhood): I just wish there was something we could do to prevent the crimes to start with and help give them opportunities.

2L #2: You can't try and help them. This is the class struggle.

Crim Law and Mercy Killing

1L: I think 1st degree and the penalty is too much. I dont think this guy is going to do this again. He killed his dad because he was suffering, he's not a threat to anyone.

Prof: Yeah, unless his Mom gets sick

As overheard by rangjl

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I guess this concept is catching on.

From the University of Chicago's Paper:

HEARD IN CLASS: The Phoenix is requesting submissions for
Professor quotes heard in class. Did Helmholz say something
hysterical? Did Judge Posner let out a pithy diatribe
against the world, the 9th Circuit, or cat haters? Do you
have some vintage Sunstein quotes from last quarter?

Let's share: send professor quotes to

Many thanks,
The Phoenix Board

Procedure of the Civil variety

Civ Pro Prof: Can I get some water here? My throat is really dry. Guess I drank too much wine last night. I hope you did as well.

-- Overheard by WE

Civil Procedure Professor: "Don't kick a baby elephant, and don't abuse a clerk. Just don't."

-- Overheard by HLJ

Con Law Compilation

Con law prof: As long as the lawyer can stand up there and describe the public purpose without bursting into peals of laughter, that's good enough.

-- Overheard by Homie B.

Constitutional Law Professor: I realize that this isn't the clearest chart in the world. You can use it to study the concept... or you can use it for wrapping sardines.

-- Overheard by The BLS

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

finally, a law book worth reading

Prof: Well, [Tax Prof] has recently published a new book, Kinky Sex and the IRS. Sadly, not really.

Feisty today

Crim Pro Prof:
  • “All of us ‘originalists’ seem to go back to the language of the Constitution when it suits our purposes.”
  • “Can they look in the film canister on the desk during a protective sweep? No. Sometimes there’s just film in there anyway... As Freud says, sometimes a film canister is just a film canister."
  • “If the crazy killer brother-in-law is in the attic, they’re gonna fuckin’ hear him coming before he gets there and have a reasonable reason to go search the house!
  • “I get a letter with a return address of Osama bin Laden… I wonder if he has mailing labels?”

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm not Bitter....I'm not!!!

Evidence Prof: See Judge Wilkins on end of 498 to 499? That's my classmate...don't you hate it when people in your class do well?
It makes me feel good when I can say he's completely wrong.

This story brightened my day, too

For a faculty workshop given by a Professor who has a reputation for "defending marriage" from same-sex couples (and for that matter, from no-fault divorce), the caterer's napkins had bright stripes in a kind of flag pattern. They virtually screamed "Rainbow Coalition."

-- Seen by Prof. TR

Freudian Slip

Torts prof: (talking about duty) Landowners have a general nudy. . . I mean duty. . .
-- Overheard by JN

Flattery will get you everywhere

2L: OMG - if I get quoted on Overheard in Law School, I'll put it on my resume.

-- Overheard by LB

Interview etiquette

2L #1 talking about an upcoming interview: I just hope I don't fall down inthe interview. Seriously that's my biggest fear. Sometimes I just randomly fall down.

2L #2: Hmmm. Then maybe you should just fall down on purpose on the wayfrom the car to the door so you get it out of the way.

-- Overheard by LB

Stereotypes, shmereotypes

K Prof (discussing a Tennessee case): The 16 year old defendant did not repair the truck and let the engine blow up. Then he left it parked for months on his parent's front lawn... reinforcing every stereotype of Tennesee you've ever had.

-- Overheard by BD

I was just following orders

Professor: The underlings are the ones who should be prosecuted. They are making rational decisions. Unless someone like Hitler or Saddam Hussein is like "do what I say or I'll kill you" in which case, that's a difficult decision.
-- Overheard by CT

More property quotes? Of course!

Property professor passing out an evaluation form regarding classes for this week and realizing he doesn't have enough copies: "Like Ohio voting ballots, not enough for everyone. That was not a political statement."

-- Overheard by GR

1L: What does a purple mohawk and a leather jacket really say, anyway?
Property prof: I wish I knew.

-- Overheard by K

Property Professor: Why do we have deeds?
1L: It's more convenient than throwing clumps of dirt at each other (referring to livery of seisen).

-- Overheard by Kitrah

Property Professor: None of us are asking for in-depth research to answer these problems. Only psycho professors at the top law schools ask for those things, and even then…

-- Overheard by JU

Monday, February 13, 2006