Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More property quotes? Of course!

Property professor passing out an evaluation form regarding classes for this week and realizing he doesn't have enough copies: "Like Ohio voting ballots, not enough for everyone. That was not a political statement."

-- Overheard by GR

1L: What does a purple mohawk and a leather jacket really say, anyway?
Property prof: I wish I knew.

-- Overheard by K

Property Professor: Why do we have deeds?
1L: It's more convenient than throwing clumps of dirt at each other (referring to livery of seisen).

-- Overheard by Kitrah

Property Professor: None of us are asking for in-depth research to answer these problems. Only psycho professors at the top law schools ask for those things, and even then…

-- Overheard by JU

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