Friday, October 28, 2005


For all those inquiring on how to have your quote posted, you can now e-mail us at It will be checked ONCE (1 time) a day, so don't get all annoyed if you don't see your quote immediately. We all go to law school; we don't have exorbitant amounts of time to make sure people are happy with us unless they're paying $500 an hour.

1) You MUST be a law student. I can't check the veracity of this, but what kind of weird shit would make stuff up pretending to be one?
2) If I, with the consensus of the people who are permitted to post themselves, think you're especially funny, we'll let you post yourself. As of now, the list is set. Don't ask to be added.
3) FOR THOSE WHO CAN POST -- you can choose to keep comments on or off for your posts.