Thursday, November 17, 2005

Submitted quote-stravaganza!

Property professor discussing an injuction to remove an antenna: "itcomes down to...what's more important? a pristine view, or TV?"

-- Submitted by Nicolle N.

Tort prof talking about a case in Boston involving a car accident: How long has traffic been bad in Boston? Pretty much since the revolution right?

--Submitted by Jessica N.

At a space law moot court competition: "A journey into space is a journey far, far away."

-- Submitted by Thomas J.

1L #1: Um, the book here says that if a statue is as vague as Wiscon's first sentence, we can't do what you just told us to do.
Torts Prof: Read this very carefully. How many sentences does the Wisconsin statue have?
1L #2: ...TWO!
Torts Prof: Very good. Read carefully next time.

-- Submitted by Thomas V.

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