Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Advice to live by

Con Law Review:

Con Law Prof Extraordinaire: "I don't know what you guys know about exam writing"
IL: "we don't either."
CLPE : "you don't either, well that's good."

CLPE: "You've gotta see the forest through the trees, and there are a lot of trees you can get caught in, or..."
1L: "struck by"

CLPE: "i'm more interested in what's going on in your head…I mean not generally, I've got enough problems myself ...give me a chance to peek into your constitutional head."

CLPE: "I don't suggest people do what I did in law school…I used to smoke back then and I used to take notes on the back of matchbook covers…and then I'd get home and throw them on the dresser and find them later on…"

Overheard by TEC

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