Friday, March 10, 2006

and you thought YOUR gunners were bad...

In a Torts Class, talking about the duty to rescue, 1L has a habit of picking apart every hypo for every last possible scenario, no matter how unlikely)

Torts Prof: "Assume that I'm drowning, 1L, and you walk by and see that I'm drowning. Do you have a duty to rescue me?"
1L: "Well, do I know how to swim?"
Torts Prof: [visibly annoyed] "Sure"
1L: "Is this the ocean, or a river?"
Torts Prof: [more annoyed] "It doesn't matter...a river."
1L: "Is there a strong current?"
Torts Prof: [very frustrated, barks out:] "I'M DROWNING! YOU WALK BY, 1L! DO YOU RESCUE ME?"
1L: "That depends, do I know it's YOU?!"

Overheard by Law Student

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