Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just sign language for "I'm not happy"

Following 20 minute class discussion about a ho beaten so severely by her pimp that he had to take her to the hospital, where he again started to beat her causing her to jump out an eighth story window to her tragic demise:

Previously silent male 1L: I think it is ridiculous that men should be held responsible for the irrational actions of any crazy woman they piss off.

Same Male 1L: The pimp wasn’t “beating” his ho; he was merely communicating his discontentment with the relationship. Perhaps a better way would have been for him to simply tell her that she had become a fat old skank and he wasn’t interested anymore.

At the beginning of class the following Monday:

Prof: Where’s Male 1L? Did the girls in class get to him over the weekend?

Overheard by SS

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