Monday, December 12, 2005

Finals-time quotestravaganza, Monday edition

Evidence prof (while discussing the need for scientific expert testimony and the frye test): Many of us went into law because we were incapable of being trained in science and physics.

-- Submitted by Jaime

International Law prof: There's a Latin phrase for it, but my Latin's a little rusty. Which is to say, I don't speak Latin.

-- Submitted by Melanie

Sports law prof: If T.O. needs to smoke some weed to be happy, we should just keep him happy.

2L: (explaining why there was a large homosexual population in San Francisco): Its more accepting, its safer...
Law and Sexuality Prof: And it was the only place to get laid.

Ethics prof: If you ever find yourself moving shotguns and money for a client , your plan is probably not airtight

-- Submitted by Melissa

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