Monday, December 12, 2005

Fun with Melissa's ConLaw Prof

ConLaw Prof: They say that he died years ago and what you're seeing is really animatronic Cheney
2L: I believe that
ConLawProf: I dont, evil never dies

In re: 1st Amendment
ConLaw Prof: You have beaver shots, can I say beaver shots? Playboys have nude women, and hustler has beaver shots, is there a polite way of saying that?

ConLaw Prof: Handsome men in hunky poses oiled up, now THAT can get interesting!

ConLaw Prof: if you're ever bored and want you prurient interests appealed to, read state obscenity statutes, they're explicit.

ConLaw Prof: Apparently bestiality is big, I didn't even know it was possible until I came to law school, who knew?

ConLaw Prof: There are apparently a group of people that like to be peed on, and another group that likes sexual fun with defacatory matter.

ConLaw Prof: it's not considered lewd to display the penis in its flaccid state, which is how you gals are used to seeing it right?

ConLaw Prof: Today is obscenity day…all the words your mother didn't want you to say, we're saying them.

Con Law Prof: They had the Friday afternoon dirty movie in the Supreme Court…..someone had to screen these things.

ConLaw Prof: you have lots of bondage and S&M, I'm not so sure whether the average person finds manacles sexy

ConLaw Prof: 1973…everyone is getting stoned and having sex… it's not shocking to the Woodstock people but it is to rural Georgia

-- Submitted by Melissa

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