Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Con Law I Prof, Extrordinaire (Take 1)

Con Law Prof: "the ninth amendment precedes the tenth amendment...obviously...cause it's the ninth amendment... geez, sometimes i amaze myself with my knowledge"

Con law prof talking about griswold: "no one came into a room and saw a couple having sex without a condonmin…without a condom – in a condominium."

1Ls phone rings
Con law prof: i get yelled at in so many ways!

1L: i knew a guy who got his hand cut off in a bagel machine
Con Law Prof: we're trying to have a serious conversation here...
1L: it was pretty serious to him!

Con Law Prof: you're all looking at me like i'm crazy. (pause) i mean, i may be, but you all don't know the half of it.

-- Overheard by TEC

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