Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Contracts I prof on meeting of the minds: It's like if you were at Griffith Park and you asked a guy for a dime bag, but he thinks you mean oral sex.
-- Overheard by Mr. Rule 11

Deposor's Q: "Are you sexually active."
Deposee's A: "No, I just lie there."

-- Overheard by LP

From a discussion on interpreting Lawrence v Texas:

1L #1: You have to take precautions to make sure they don't injure you.
1L #2: Yeah, you have to clip their little nails.
1L #1: No you have to tape up their paws. I took a class on it.
1L #3: You took a class on gerbilling?
1L #2: I can't believe you took gerbilling.
1L #1: It wasn't a class on gerbilling. There was gerbilling in the

-- Overheard by BG

Crim Prof: “Guys say lots of things to get sex: 'I’m a member of an NFL team…I'll make you a star… I'll help you… I love you....'”
Crim Prof: "You’ve all fallen for that one?"
Later same class:
1L: “Well, I know that both men and women lie to get sex.”
Crim Prof interrupting: “Women don’t need to lie in order to get sex… I don’t propose any stereotypes here. Let's face it.”
All overheard by "There's No Competiton in Law School"

In a discussion of Boro v. Superior Court (a woman who was told that she had to have sexual intercourse with a donor injected with a serum that would cure her disease):
Crim Prof: What kind of sex did she think it was?
1L: Therapeutic sex
Crim Prof: sexual healing...

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